Our family

Our family
Christmas 2010

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Think Chinese

Today I'm feeling about 90% back to normal and I did not work from bed! I barely took a nap! Tomorrow it's back to the office. BOO....but oh well I gotta do some time before I don't have a dedicated desk. I was very productive today at home though and will be at home again on Monday to get some work done on my second account. Distracted as I am these days with the school choices we've made today I am thinking Chinese. The more I read about this Chinese Immersion school the more I fear we are getting our hopes up. I know there are only 75 spots and I know there are way more than that who apply. Tonight is the lottery. Now I'm regretting not going to the lottery. After seeing "Waiting for Superman" I know how tearful I'd be at the actual lottery so it's just all I can do to wait until they post the results online tomorrow. To increase our chances (ha ha like we can do that), Jay brought home Chinese food for dinner. It was tasty....now let's hope it helps. I've even tried being persuasive with Ethan tonight by mentioning that if he went to Chinese school, he'd get to ride a big boy bus! A little fact that even I didn't know before I saw it today. Oh how awesome would that be? I don't know how heartbroken I will actually be tomorrow, but I can imagine it will feel much like my birthdays do every year....extravagant and perfect in my head and nothing like that in real life. Trying to keep my feet on the ground...and trying not to care, but as a mom, is that possible? When something is so good and just out of arms length for your kids...how do you not care? UGH. Oh well...I worry too much. That's one of my biggest faults. Can't change that overnight, so can just hope for a good sleep and maybe some happy news in the morning!

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