Our family

Our family
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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ethan says.....

Ethan has said a couple "funnies" lately.....

Ethan: "Mama, I love you SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!"
Mama: "Oh Ethan, thank you. How much do you love Mama?"
Ethan: "As long as it takes."

We also recently enrolled him in Phonics at daycare. He took the assessment test and the teacher comments were:

Although Ethan excels in letter identification. He lacks know the letter sounds. I told him we have to find the sounds of the letters and he said "I don't hear no sounds" and covered both ears. I asked "What does J say"? He said "Daddy!"

Mr. Bruiser

OK, so since I last "blogged"...we had an incident with Ethan and a dog. Poor little guy got nipped by the dog on his face. We took him to urgent care where we were told they don't stitch them up because of all the germs from the dog. We slathered it in neosporin and had him on antibiotics and it is healing up fairly nicely. It kind of makes him look like he's got a little dimple. :)

But that's nothing compared to Aidan....he is our Bruiser. We were getting ready for school/work and I had sent both boys to the hamper with their dirty clothes. I stepped into our bathroom to turn off the light and I heard running, a thud, and major screaming. I ran over to find Aidan head first next to one of the bed posts on our bed. I picked him up and immediately saw blood and his skull bone. What an awful sight that a mother should never see! I got a wet wash cloth on it and called Jay. Once I got both boys downstairs to get their coats on and gave them some milk. Aidan was fine...not crying at all and the bleeding had slowed a lot. I put his hat on it to keep the bleeding in while we were in the car. We met Jay at children's hospital. I think we were the first accident of the morning. We got right in and they started numbing his head wound. After that sat in for an hour they came in, strapped him to a backboard and started stitching. He got 3 LAYERS of stitches. 10 alone on the top layer! He did famously as did Ethan waiting. I could not have asked Ethan to behave any better than he did. Of course it helped that we had a TV set to PBS, but he was wonderful. Aidan got praises from the suture nurse who did the stitching and they were both rewarded with juice boxes. I ended up taking Aidan into work with me to get my PC for the day. He wasn't phased at all....flirting with the ladies and jumping all over! I cringed all day when I saw him jumping around and running. He's got no fear!!! I think I have 3 brand new gray hairs from this whole ordeal! His scar is healing fabulously...better than the previous stitches. Today it looks like he had a run in with a cat instead of a bed post. He's our little Bruiser or "stitch" as we call him. :)