Our family

Our family
Christmas 2010

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Earle Brown is a YES!

We finally got the written ACCEPTANCE into Earle Brown! I'm so relieved to get that letter. Now to turn in the enrollment forms....which I will probably drop off on Friday afternoon. And I'm so excited to go to the Kindergarten Open House in April! I've been checking out the Brooklyn Center school district calendar and all the EB (Earle Brown) Fundraising Nights at Chuck E Cheese, Mom & Son nights, concerts...all sound so exciting to me. Not that I want Ethan to grow up any faster than he already is, but I'm excited to start meeting his new friends and watching him learn more and more new things. Tonight he read the "Go Big or Go Home" sign at gymnastics. I was amazed! He really knows a lot more than he lets on most days, so getting him in school will hopefully bring out all of this intelligence he keeps locked away.....Get ready for Ethan (& Aidan) Earle Brown! :)

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