Our family

Our family
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Saturday, February 5, 2011

"Kinect"-ing with new friends

Jay & I are having a lot of fun with the Xbox Kinect these days. I enjoy Dance Central after baths and while Jay is reading bedtime stories (less people around to get in the way...oh and to watch). Love how I can feel like a cool dancer in the comfort of my own family room. We also like the Your Shape game as a break from the typical gym work out...ok I don't go to the gym these days, but that one is fun too. But we have an especially good time hanging out with friends and playing Kinect Sports.

This year Aidan's gymnastics registration was messed up, but he ended up in a class with a buddy from last year's class, David. I am loving Wednesday nights now because I hang out with David's mom while the boys go to their classes and it's fun having friends with kids around the same age as ours. The boys love playing with David and his sister Ava. He also has an older sister, but our guys are pretty little for her to be interested in.

We had them over today and had a blast playing the party games. Jen & I kicked Jay & Jim's butts several times, tied them once and then let them win the last time. :) I am feeling the pain though. Kinect is definitely a workout! Either that or I'm just old and lazy (which is entirely possible).

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday. I always look forward to the commercials and the game too. My mom & I are going to a pie baking class before the game, so it should be a fun-filled day all around!

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