Our family

Our family
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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another response - school update

Well, we got our response back from St. Louis Park School District. We are 5th on the waiting list for Spanish Immersion School. At least we heard something back from them! So currently, we have heard the following....

ACCEPTED at Woodland (cons to this one are that you have to pay for full-day kindergarten, and the transportation to/from would be difficult / pros are that the Curtler's and the Krolnik's attend this school)

4TH on the waiting list for Yinghua Academy (cons are we'd have to do a little more research on the before/after school and bussing options / pros what an experience to be fluent in Mandarin Chinese!)

ACCEPTED at Monroe (cons are they weren't too friendly to "outsiders" at their Open house, they are not positive full-day kindergarten would be around for the 2012-2013 year when Aidan would start, and once Aidan starts it really is out of the way for us / pros Science Technology Engineering Math would be a pretty good focus)

ACCEPTED at Earle Brown (cons haven't seen this in writing / pros it is our #1 choice, Ethan RAVES about it, IB program)

5TH on the waiting list for Park Spanish Immersion (cons transportation to/from, not sure on the before/after school options, pros learning to be fluent in Spanish)

The only two we are waiting on are which one Minneapolis assigned us to.... Kenwood or Whittier. But we won't find out on those until the end of March.

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