Our family

Our family
Christmas 2010

Sunday, February 13, 2011

On a roll....

Well, so far I've been pretty good about blogging everyday. Today Ethan had a rather cute moment. Jay was in bed and Ethan said to me: "Mom, I'm going to go give dad some love. That means a hug and a kiss." He sure is a sweetheart. But not to be undone (even though he wasn't around when Ethan said that....we were "resting" today (the boys & I) on our bed and the rule is you have to lay still for 30 minutes and then you can get up. Never fails because they always fall asleep around 20-25 minutes. :) But prior to falling asleep, Aidan went into his room and grabbed blankets for both Ethan and myself and stuffed animals for us to sleep with too (even though we were both already asleep). Pretty sweet even though he wasn't supposed to be getting up. I sure hope they keep that sweetness as they get older. We've got some pretty great little guys.

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