Our family

Our family
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Monday, February 7, 2011

Stomach Bugs....

Well, I came home Friday night after being freaked out by the movie "The Rite" and Aidan woke up. He wanted to be rocked and knowing he's got a softy for a mom whenever anyone mentions being rocked, I rocked him for a bit. Then when I thought I'd be able to sleep without thinking of all the exorcisms I'd just watched, I picked him up and he started throwing up. UGH! I hate when they do that for no reason. He ended up doing it 2 more times that night. He & Jay "camped" out downstairs for the night and in the morning he was completely fine. Whew!

Spent all day Saturday fine and Saturday night in the middle of the night, Ethan wakes up and says "my tummy hurts" and then throws up. He's always freaking me out when he's sick ever since last March when he was admitted to the hospital for being dehydrated. He stayed home all day Sunday while I took Aidan to church, Sunday School and brunch with my parents. My mom & I went to pie class and Ethan continued to throw up a little here/there for the morning and early afternoon. Once class was over and I'd picked up Aidan from my parents house, Ethan was perking up. He had some dinner (that stayed down) and went to bed after Superbowl halftime. He told me before falling asleep that he would have to stay home so his friends wouldn't get sick. So today he & I have stayed home. I've been working and he's been 100% fine. It's so nice to have him healthy, but I'm feeling bad to have Aidan at school when he wanted to stay home too. I know I shouldn't...life isn't fair and precautionary as we were being with Ethan, Aidan was fine to go. Ethan was probably fine to go too, but better safe than sorry. It's still hard to teach them life isn't fair when they're so little. I have kept Ethan from playing because a stay-at-home day isn't a "fun" day. I've explained that over and over today. :) Ah....being a parent...such a treat sometimes, isn't it? But it'll make us all stronger for the next time and I'm sure Aidan's having a ball anyway.

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