Our family

Our family
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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Growing up too fast

These guys sure are growing up fast! Aidan is starting to climb the stairs. Won't be long now before he starts walkig. He's still cruising along anything he can pull up on and he's very much into stealing hotwheels from his brother. I can't believe we're already planning his big birthday #1. Poor guy - it's on Friday the 13th this year, but we'll celebrate it on the 14th. He's going to have to compete with Father's Day weekend this year too! Not to mention sharing his birthday with his great uncle Jim and two second cousins - Mark & Raegan. He loves playing with the toilet paper roll on Ethan's training poty and making the music start up. He also loves Ethan's Tiggy. He gets so excited anytime he sees it. He is a serious one though. Not as many smiles as his brother, but he's got the cutest facial expressions. He is a huge eater and usually wants anything you're eating. I haven't seen him turn away from anything yet! Won't be long now until he's walking around and chasing after Ethan.

Ethan figured out how to open his window in the back seat of my car the other day! Crazy kid. His latest favorite is to stay in the car after we get home. Most times I don't even let him out of the car seat. He just wants to stay in the car by himself in the dark garage and roll his cars around his legs/lap. His vocabulary is really coming along and I think I understand about 90% of it...Jay a little less than that. He loves to give hugs and kisses to everyone. This kid LOVES his dairy too....cheese sticks, milk, yogurt...that's practically his whole diet. He is getting a little better though and will eat pasta, pizza, peanut butter toast, bananas. Still not into veggies though and will gag enough to throw up if he finds he's eaten one. He can now reach all the doorknobs and light switches in the house too. He loves that!

They are just growing up oh so fast!
More pictures of them at: http://picasaweb.google.com/loriandler/April2008

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