Our family

Our family
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Sunday, April 20, 2008


So, I was caught off-guard on Tuesday of this week while at work, I got a call from kindercare telling me that Aidan had fallen against a table and split his chin open. They asked me to come up to see if he needed stitches or not. Hmmmm...like I was supposed to know? I hurried off to my car, almost going to my regular ramp when I'd parked even closer that morning to make it on time to our Tuesday 8:30 client meeting. Oops! I called my mom on the way knowing what she'd say anyway "You'll know if it needs stitches when you see it." Well, I arrived and Aidan was playing with the other kids...no tears, nothing. I didn't even take the band-aid off, I just grabbed a diaper and scooped him up and drove over to the clinic. The receptionist told me they don't do stitches there on the face. But I asked if someone could take a look anyway. Dr. Jahnsen didn't even bother to come out and look at him when reception called, but the triage nurse did and couldn't tell for sure, so we went back and then they tell me because he's so little, they'd have to send him to children's and have him sedated. A doctor came out and said it was superficial and steri-strips would fix it. So after two nurses and myself held him down, a third nurse got the strips on his chin. Back to kindercare and I dropped him off. I was back at work 2 hours after I'd left (that included travel time) and I didn't even miss any of the other meetings I had that day. This little guy is going to make me worry and give me trouble. I can tell already! :) But he sure is darn cute!

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