Our family

Our family
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Sunday, April 13, 2008


Well, it's been an interesting weekend....Friday night nothing much happened besides both boys getting up during the night. I think Ethan lasted until 4am, but it was still way too early. Saturday we got up and went to gym class. Jay took Aidan to his 2nd gym class ever and I thought it might be fun to watch for a bit, so Ethan & I came a little early to watch. BIG MISTAKE with a 2 year old. All he wanted to do was go in. So keeping him entertained was trying, but all worked out in the end. Ethan ended up doing some good jumping on the air track and other than that tried mama's patience, but this week's theme was "Patience" so I just let it go. We all took a trip to Best Buy and Jay got his tires rotated and I even took my car in for its own oil change appointment. I'm pretty proud of myself for lining that up and going on my own. I made it home within about an hour and found two messy boys hanging out with daddy. I decided we had time for a quick bath before Dave & Aaron (Aidan's Godfathers) showed up for game night. We had our first poop in the bathtub experience - AIDAN!. Thank goodness Jay has had dogs. He got the luxury of scooping out of the tub! All is well and we were all cleaned up and ready by the time the guests arrived.

We all went to Davanni's for dinner on Saturday prior to the Wii-fest starting and all in all the boys were pretty good. Ethan wanted to "pway" on the video games after only a few bites, but Dave was a good sport and sat in the turned-off racing game with him and pretended to steer and race for a long time. We sent Jay after them and he joined in the fun too. Lastly mama got the pleasure of racing on the out-of-order machine before we went home. Wii was fun once again and I think everyone won at least something in all to games we tried. The boys went to bed fairly nicely and slept through our madness.

Both boys were up early again this morning, so we made it to church BEFORE it started! Even before Grandma & Grandpa got there! So we got our seats in the 3rd row and Ethan decided he needed to go for a walk. I thought, let's get it over with before the service starts. So we walked around and I followed him. He found the closed door of the nursery and turned to me and said "Mama, PWAY!" He opened the door and I told him "Ethan you can play. Mama will go to church and come and get you in a few minutes" He ran whole heartedly for a tractor and started riding it. I signed him in and came back and said "OK, you play with this nice little girl and mama will come and get you in a bit" I got a pager from the nursery attendant and went back to sit down just as my parents were arriving and the service started. I whispered to Jay that Ethan was staying in the nursery and put the pager on the pew. I happened to look over to the side door of the sanctuary and who walks in? Ethan! I handed Aidan back to Jay and dropped my hymnal and ran over to him. The usher had gotten to him before me and said "Does this belong to you?" I thanked him and took him to our seat. I asked Jay to bring the pager back and handed Ethan off to grandma. I sure am glad I saw him. Apparently the nursery attendant was in the hall looking for him and told Jay "Oh I turned and saw the door open." I think this will be the last time he goes to the nursery...for some time anyway.

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