Our family

Our family
Christmas 2010

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

38 days

It's 38 days and counting until our vacation to Mexico.


I'm getting excited to go, but the more I think about it now and I'm starting to realize that I have to leave my boys for 6 nights. It hit me while I was working from home today with Aidan. He was running a temp because of his new teeth coming in so I picked him up from Kindercare and brought him home. He snoozed on me while I worked and I just love his little snuggles. I hate the fact that he's growing up so fast and I don't want to miss anything. My baby is getting too big too fast! Even my big boy is getting too big. Ethan's really starting to become an independent 2 year old. He wants to open his own juice box, climb on the furniture by himself, and open/close the garage door when you drive up/down the driveway. He even likes to direct your driving. When we leave for school in the morning he says "Mama - that way" (usually whatever way he can see a big truck driving). He's started talking about his friends at school when you ask him who he's played with and he will sing Happy Birthday with you. I really am going to miss them.

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