Our family

Our family
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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Not good at this

I'm not very good at regular blogging, but when you have 3 boys in your house, you're pretty busy at doing anything but blogging. I'd love to write that all of the things I've been busy doing have been interesting, but sadly, no. We do a lot of picking up hotwheels, videos (that Aidan pulls off the shelf), pouring milk and making bottles, and entertaining the 2 little ones.

Ethan's not so little anymore and with every day that passes he gets a little bit better at verbalizing what he wants rather than throwing himself into a pile on the floor and just laying there. He's such a caring and curious little boy. He loves Aidan very much...until Aidan decides to play with the cars. Then Ethan could pretty much ignore him. But he still enjoys giving Aidan hugs and occasionally giving him a car or two of his own to play with. He's just starting to talk about his friends at school when he comes home. His favorite is Mercedes (sounds like "say dees"). Apparently he's quite the ladies man at school. We are trying to get him excited about moving into the 3 year old room soon at school. He'll move up about 6 months early, but I think he'll enjoy being with some of his older friends that have already moved up. That and Mercedes is moving soon, so hopefully the transition and her moving will coincide closely with each other and he won't be as sad as he would be in the same class without her.

Aidan, who's supposed to be the little one, isn't so little either. Just took him in for his 9 month check up and he's 20 lbs, 6 oz (39th percentile), 29 inches long (65th percentile) with an 18 inch head (54th percentile). So he's pretty average even though we still think he's going to be a bruiser. He's not as big of a fan of Ethan as it works the other way, but does still enjoy watching Ethan play and I think he learns so much from it. He's cruising along the furniture as much as he can. He's also getting 2 more teeth and unlike Ethan, we hear ALL About it! He's got a temper on him. (Another thing he got from his mama I guess) He has a great little smirk though so you know he's devious and he is pretty easy going if he's got a full belly. (LOVES his food!)

I'm sure Jay's nervous I'm going to blog about Ethan's new haircut, so of course I will. For the first time (in all of 9 haircuts he's had so far....we have a punch card..that's how I know how many...don't think I remember each one), daddy took Ethan to get his haircut alone. Let's just say I've always wondered what our little blonde haired boy would look like with a buzz cut. Now I know! It is funny too because I'll ask Ethan "What happened to your hair?" and he'll rub his head and say "Daddy"

Aidan had a big day on Saturday...started his first class at "The Little Gym" It's definitely not "My gym" that Ethan was lucky enough to attend, but I think he really liked it. At first he was a little apprehensive and wanted to just sit on my lap, but he started crawling around and liked to hang on the bars and he even participated in shaking the bells at the end of the class. I think he just enjoys being out with one parent the most, which is great because I know I enjoy the time as well.

I suppose....I've babbled on about nothing for awhile now. Someday I'll have to share this blog with some friends or family or something, but I haven't yet. Maybe once I figure out a regular routine to it. Oh - we lost the volleyball championships last week in game 3 by 4 points. Sad night. Now I have to wait until fall to play again. I'm hoping to play in Mexico...countdown to our trip.... 41 days to get skinny!

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