Our family

Our family
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sick kids

The hardest part about being a mom...having sick kids. OK, I think worrying is the hardest part, but when they are sick the worried flags just fly that much higher. Today I was planning on working from home. Just wanted a break from the hum drum of the office and the chance to get a few things done that have been sitting on my plate for awhile. I knew it would be a light day, so when Aidan came down with a fever last night, I knew he'd be joining me in my work from home day. So many things run through my mind and admittedly a lot of times it is "Please don't throw up". It is amazing to me that with all of the things going around daycare that we don't have more stay at home/sick kid days, but thankfully, we don't. Or diseases....what are the chances you have one healthy baby, let alone two? Seems like these days it's insanely low that you are illness free. So, of course, when I have one of them at home with me, my mind wanders and worries about every little thing out there...what if this and what if that. Last month I was home with Ethan for a day. He was fine, but since his scare of dehydration and kidney issues last year....we worry even more. I'd almost hate to say it, but I would take stitches over unknown illnesses. At least you go there, get it numbed, stitched, and you can go home. We are truly blessed with these two boys and I know as they grow older and start going off to "big boy" school (as we call it) that it will get better. Hopefully they aren't arm in arm wrestling or slobbering/sneezing over toys in elementary school. But I also know the worry will never go away. Ethan's 1 year kidney follow up is now scheduled for May 26th. So that's another thing to worry about. UGH! Thankfully, Aidan's perking up and the Advil kept his fever away for most of the day. His ears are fine, his throat is fine, and minute clinic thought it was something viral. We'll keep him home another day and I'll stay home with him, but the worry won't stop. I guess it never will. I hear parents at work that still worry about their kids and I hear my mom still worrying about me. But I will feel better when this sickness has gone away.

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