Our family

Our family
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Monday, March 7, 2011

Reality Show Junkie

So I've figured out that I'm somewhat of a realty TV show junkie. I watch most of them that are on network TV. Thank GOODNESS we do not have cable! :)

Last night Celebrity Apprentice started. I don't know why I watch it, but I think it's great to see these celebrities compete and fight and do manual work!

I'm a huge fan of Biggest Loser. That show makes me crave snacks every time it is on. I think it is a secret desire to get on the show (although I sure hope that would NEVER be possible). I just want to try the workout sometime.

LOVE Survivor! This season bringing back Rob & Russell totally makes it worth it for me. I love watching the show, reading the tweets during the show, and Jeff Probst's blog afterwards. I know I would never make it on that show, but I do think having some sort of "theme" park type deal with all of the challenges (although a huge insurance liability) would be so fun!

AMAZING RACE....my dream show. I would love to do this show. I don't know who I'd partner with or how I'd really do, but this is another one I love to watch and this season's 2nd chances is very cool to watch.

Big Brother might be my favorite. I'm not sure why if it's just because they are trapped in the house or what. But it makes for some good TV. This one I would never do either. I think I'd be awful and I'd miss my boys and Jay too much, but it would kind of be fun to try.

American Idol is another one we watch. I love saying "THIS" and Aidan will say "is American Idol". He'd be a great Ryan Seacrest someday. I enjoy the first few episodes where they show the bad ones and Jay can't stand them. Once they get to the middle ones, it's too stressful for me to watch without fast forwarding through it. But once it gets to the top 10 or so it gets better again.

Wipeout is a family favorite. We all enjoy watching it together. It's the one Jay would pick to be on if he could. The boys say he can't because they don't want him to get hurt or dirty, but it would be fun to watch him try.

We've watched Dating in the Dark, Beauty & the Geek, I survived a Japanese Gameshow...you name it and besides the Bachelor franchise...if it was on major network TV we've probably watched it. There's just something about watching these usually "regular" people being put in these different situations. It's all good. We watch too much TV, but it's entertaining!

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