Our family

Our family
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


There is quite a bit of angst, bitterness, and drama going on at work these days. Most of it stems from a recent announcement that they are consolidating our office space. This means those of us on the third floor are being forced to pack up and move to the fourth floor. There have been quite a bit of negotiations between our local team and the team behind this consolidation. Some of it has resulted in good things, but not all of it. I think most of the drama though is from the change. People don't like change. People don't particularly like the unknown. Most of these co-workers of mine have been there for 10+ years on that floor and to go to a new floor, with a new seating layout, with a new office concept....it's a lot to take in for everyone. Going from having your own comfortable place with pictures of your kids, magnets from a recent trip, awards you've earned to lugging your PC with you every day and looking at a blank, stark desk...that's a lot to take in as well. Part of me is looking forward to the change, but I could do without the drama that is coming with it in the weeks prior to the move. But until then it's just live with it, enjoy having a spot of my own, and not caring until March 24th arrives...then enjoy the change and hope the drama subsides.

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