Our family

Our family
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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter 2008

Well, we survived Easter 2008. Jay's parents came down a day early and spoiled the boys with necessities (diapers, formula) and goodies too. It was great to have them visit. Today we ventured out to church without our usual 3:2 or 4:2 adult:child ratio....all in all it went alright. (I say that because I had Aidan and he was in a good mood....Jay and Ethan did some exploring around the church during the service. Afterwards it was back here for a day full of "Brain Challenge" on the Xbox for us. Ethan did his usual playing with cars while jumping on all the furniture and Aidan did some prety good crawling. He's walking along furniture a little bit now. Shouldn't be long now before he starts chasing after Ethan and then we're in trouble. We predict he's a bruiser! :) Time will tell. We visited our old neighbors this evening. Ethan's always good for a few laughs when he's around their dog. I think he thinks all dogs are named Halley right now. He's pretty cute with them. But not as cute as he and his brother are right now in bed. Happy Easter to all!

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